• Bank Negotiations
    It is difficult for business proprietors to deal with their bank on an equal level. It is much easier to deal with the bank when you have an advocate with you who has no emotional involvement in the outcome of the negotiation. Your prospects of obtaining the funding you seek will be greatly enhanced if you go to the bank armed with current financial statements; and a detailed financial forecast for the business. We are happy to attend these meetings with you.
  • Financial Modelling and Business Plans
    While historical management reports are useful, there is great benefit in preparing comprehensive financial models, based on your business plans, which indicate how your business will perform in the future. A financial model is very much a planning tool which enables you to influence future outcomes. Financial models provide a benchmark against which you can measure how your business is performing against expectations. A financial model contains a projected profit and loss account, projected cash flows and projected balance sheet. It is a formidable tool when negotiating with the banks and financial institutions for funding facilities.
  • Strategic Planning
    Businesses operate in a very dynamic economic environment. With our broad exposure to many different business types and our years of experience we can assist you to identify strategic issues and to develop plans to resolve these issues. We can assist you by linking strategies to business planning to deliver optimal strategic outcomes.
  • Corporate Governance
    Every business is required to abide by government regulations and to work within the constraints of its own constitution, policies and procedures. It is essential that each business has established corporate governance regimes to ensure compliance. This includes complying with regulations related to employment, privacy, equal opportunity, etc. and the requirements of the Corporations Law, taxation provisions and the requirements of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. We can assist in establishing and implementing corporate governance frameworks and risk management procedures.
  • Month end reporting, data analysis and interpretation
    We can assist you by producing accurate and timely management accounts and reports that provide you, the business owner or manager, with an in-depth understanding of how your business is performing. Reports may be produced daily, weekly or monthly depending on the needs of the business. We also help our clients by assisting them to understand the messages behind the financial data. Analyzing the financial accounts and comparing results against benchmarks and prior period performances enables improved decision making. Better decisions lead to better outcomes.
  • Bookkeeping
    Bookkeeping, if done properly, it provides you with a complete understanding of your financial position. Without proper bookkeeping you cannot really be sure how your business is performing. We can help your business to accurately track revenues and expenses and provide you with regular, useful management reports. Bookkeeping creates your database. By developing an appropriate coding structure we can analyse what is happening in the business and show you ways to improve profitability.