“Through the proven application of systems and techniques developed over many years, we help business owners and managers improve cash-flow, increase profits and enhance business value”

Roger Kiddle
Director, Bentley Consulting
Bentley Consulting, based in Melbourne, service a diverse client base Australia-wide made up of small and medium businesses.

Most of these are owner operated. M
any clients operate highly successful businesses, while others are experiencing difficult trading conditions.

Our services are proven to be effective in improving business performance.

We provide big business consulting value at small business prices and back our performance with a money back guarantee.

how we can help
Buying a Business
Fixing a broken Business
Growing a Business
  • Roger from Bentley Consulting is across all facets of the business and is an excellent sounding board on any level. The depth and detail of his support is outstanding. As one example, his monthly reporting on our 3 separate business sites offers us both, a one page overview, and a comprehensive analysis. This level of support has allowed me to step further into my role as General Manager.
    Robert Kiesskalt
    General Manager
    Waugh’s Industrial Supplies
  • I’d been through a very difficult time. Bentley Consulting helped take the emotion out of the financial trouble that I was facing. Through the use of a task sheet, Roger provided structure and a logical path to follow. He was very patient as we gradually refocused the business. He took the time to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Garnet Brooks
    Feature Glass Pty Ltd
  • In only 12 months, Roger enabled us to engage a business broker to sell a section of the business, trained staff to implement new systems that have increased our day to day efficiency and completely turned around a book keeping process that was in disarray. Roger helped us formulate a clear plan for the future of the business and armed us with the knowledge to achieve it. I’d recommend Roger to anyone for his attention to detail, clear explanations, approachability and genuine passion for the work that he did for us.
    David Salisbury
    Technique Solutions
  • I was already paying three consultants and was hesitant to contract another. Roger said, “Let me have access to your books for a week and if I don’t save you more than double my cost price, I’ll charge you nothing.” The up to date data developed by Bentley Consulting put us in control of the business and allowed us to make appropriate and informed decisions. Bentley’s assistance in enabling us negotiate the facilities we required from our bank was priceless. Our staff identified closely with Bentley’s staff and this had a very big impact on increasing the level of professionalism across the company. One of the most important outcomes was a significant increase in profitability.
    Theo Brown
    Inmotion Audio Pty Ltd
  • As a start-up venture sole operator, Roger is the best mentor I could have had. In an 8 month period, Bentley Consulting has helped me secure investors in my business, taught me how to manage people and helped me formulate a 5 year plan with goals that I know I will reach with Bentley’s continuing support.
    Jackie Yong
    Biomix Pty Ltd
  • Roger from Bentley Consulting is methodical in his work. He offers an objective point of view and is willing to tell you information without sugar coating it. Roger has helped us with cash flow, budget and overall business planning. His drop of the hat availability, punctuality and impeccable time management are outstanding. Simply put, I trust his advice.
    Alan Jolly
    Australian Truck & Auto Parts Pty Ltd
  • Roger is able to look at numbers, see a story, and turn it into a picture that we can understand. We were introduced to Bentley Consulting whilst preparing a 5 -10 year exit plan for our business. Bentley helped us prepare the right documentation to take to financial institutions so that when we sit down in front of people, we make the right impression. We’ve found that Roger’s expertise is so broad that given any scenario, he can draw on a direct experience when giving advice. He’s been there and done it, and he’s very, very good at it.
    Kevin Manion
    Victorian Electrical Services
  • Roger is genuinely able to help people. His clear mind, calm composure and ability to both recognise, and clearly communicate key components of a situation, make Roger a pleasure to work with.
    Vladimir Jovanovic
    Kakosi Construction
  • Bentley Consulting have turned our business around. With their bookkeeping and financial management help over the last 12 months we now have control of our cash flow and increased our bottom line by $200k!!
    Ray Behrinds
    GV Furniture World