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The Bentley Consulting team has been helping businesses and startups of all sizes gain the confidence they need to make informed decisions that have seen them enjoy financial outcomes far in excess of what they had thought was achievable.

We work with you to gain intimate understanding of your business and work to increase profit, improve cash flow and enhance business value with our services that include:

Achieving truly satisfying outcomes with our clients is what drives us.

Behind each customised Bentley Consulting ‘Performance Suite’ lies experience and proven solutions that are tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.


Our team works to gain a great understanding of your business, we look at the how, what, who and why to use this knowledge in preparing you for financial success.


Making informed decisions comes from analysing, segmenting and assessing trends in data. Allowing for seasonal, trend and business change, we work with you to forecast your business trajectory to give a clear picture of the overall business as it is, and how it will look in the future.


The Bentley Consulting team are passionate about creating clear strategies that are easy to understand, show options and allow for you to gain a full understanding of the impact of decisions so you can confidently move forward to implement the right strategy for you.


Understanding the impact of your decisions and strategy comes with our detailed analysis. Our team works to capture data, sort information and report on your business progress with clear analysis for review.

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Our clients have long been enjoying the benefits of working with us for

Once we help you achieve a thorough understanding of your businesses financials we can help you gain full control of your business processes and guide you on the way to making decisions that will help you to optimise your business success.

Find out about our business strategy & advisement services HERE.

Know what matters for your business.

“My experience shows, running a successful business starts with a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Working to help business owners identify what really makes a profit and what doesn’t is one of my favourite things to do, and the results often surprise business owners!”

Roger Founder and Director - Bentley Consulting

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