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What is financial modelling and how can it help me reach my goals?

Every business has a plan. This may be a formal document setting out actions, initiatives and objectives for the business or a very informal “our plan is to do today what we did yesterday” approach to business. What a financial model does is to take your planned activities and reflect them in numbers. Numbers that show you what your future profit and cashflow outcomes will be.

Once prepared, the model will highlight areas that need improvement allowing you to influence outcomes before they occur. This is very pro-active management compared to reacting to unfavourable historical results often received months after the events have occurred. You can directly influence your future.

Knowing where your business is going and how to get to where you want to reach is key to reaching your financial goals. Get to know your historical and future financials intimately with Bentley Consulting and our financial modelling tool.

Paired with our extensive experience in diagnosing even the most complicated financials, solve your problems by gaining a clear understanding of your profitability and cash flow to help you make informed decisions when addressing problems before they occur.

We work with you to create a model that can help you identify how actions and events can impact your business by allowing you to see projected financials for your individual circumstances, allowing you the ability to address and avert problems before they arrive, and identifying actions and changes that can impact your business and prove necessary to improve outcomes.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

Benjamin Franklin

Proper financial planning and thorough financial modelling can be the difference between success and failure.  Pair with the Bentley Consulting team to get a great understanding of your business without the jargon. Here to work with you, to ensure the best outcome for your financial success, chat to us today to gain a clear understanding of what we can do to help you reach your business goals.

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