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Success starts with understanding. Bentley Consulting is a small group of experts that take a no jargon approach to setting you up to reach your business and financial goals.


Wherever you are in your business journey we are here to help you on your path to success. From startups to global companies we guarantee our approach is tailored to suit you.


Solving a problem requires a thorough understanding. Our investigative and analytical skills identify the right solutions to your problems helping you to make confident decisions about your business.


The pathway in business isn't always crystal clear. We work with you to understand what success looks like to you and we create clear pathways and strategies to help get you there. Clear, calm advice at every turn.

Here for you throughout your business journey.

Bentley Consulting is a business advisory firm that has been helping business owners like you make the right decisions about their business for over 40 years.  We work with you to ease your concerns about areas of your business that can cause stress for any business owner and help you gain the confidence you need to build your business and enjoy your financial success.

Our Areas of Service include

With a team that has been applying effective systems and techniques developed over forty years, we work to identify your problems, understand your issues and provide solutions to help you improve your business outcomes.



...and more.

Paving the way to confidence.

Our clients love the clarity, confidence and calm Bentley Consulting brings to every partnership. They appreciate the value, experience and skills Roger and the team bring to their business and their ability to support them with clear, precise explanations throughout every project.  Here to help you reach your goals and enjoy the success that comes with it.

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