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From Concerns To Confidence & Performance

Bentley's Consulting solutions are totally tailored to your situation and objectives. We apply systems and techniques developed and proven over many years. Our aim is to deliver a prompt result and to build a durable edge for any small or medium business.

Setting People Up For Success

Whatever the challenges and opportunities, the Bentley Consulting team is committed to helping all their clients achieve truly satisfying outcomes balanced across work and life.
Under Roger's leadership, problems become simple, strategies are clear and action plans deliver the desired results.

"Getting It Done"

Our clients love the clarity, confidence and calm that Bentley Consulting brings to every project.
They value the business experience and skills, and Roger's ability to explain and to support everyone.
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... An important outcome was a significant increase in profitability.
... Bentley Consulting analyses, forecasts and monthly reports give you clarity on what to do.
... Roger put the project back on track; his attention to detail prevented issues ...
... He is persistent and firm; I know he will see things through to the end.
... Everyone is heading the same way under his leadership ...
... Roger takes the emotion out of financial troubles. He provides structure and a logical path to follow.
... He looks at numbers, sees a story, turns it into a picture we can understand.
... calm, rational, logical, thoughtful ...
...He knows how to employ the right people and put everyone in the right jobs ...
... The data developed by Bentley Consulting put us in control of our business.
... We now have control of our cash flow and have increased our bottom line.
... You never feel a failure when you ask a question. He sets you up to succeed.
... Roger treats everyone with respect. He never talks down to you.
... Bentley Consulting gave the business a framework to become successful
... His CEO skills and ability to turn the business around is quite exceptional
... The depth and detail of support is outstanding.
... The best mentor I could have had as a startup. The business would not exist without Roger's involvement.
... Simply put, I trust his advice