"Knowledge shared is power multiplied."
- Robert Boyce

Business Strategy

Our years of experience is your gateway to success.

Our passion for helping business owners and experienced entrepreneurs succeed is the driving force behind Bentley Consulting.

 With a complete understanding of not only the processes and direction, a business owner needs to undertake to become successful, but we also acknowledge the stressors that can make the journey a tough one with dreams sometimes seeming unachievable.

The Bentley Consulting team is here to provide you with the professional support that enables you to optimise business outcomes and to choose the best strategy for your business future. Working with you to gain an intimate understanding of your business goals we will help set a clear path to success by:

Building strategies to drive success

The Bentley Consulting team are experienced in preparing well-researched strategies to help drive your business to success and pair you with the information and advice you need to make informed decisions about the best pathway to your financial freedom.

We take pride in helping put the right processes in place to enable businesses of all sizes to see the results they previously thought were achievable.

Our team works with you to gain an intimate understanding of your business that will help increase profit, improve cash flow and enhance business value with our services that include:

Achieving truly satisfying outcomes with our clients is what drives us.

Behind each customised Bentley Consulting ‘Performance Suite’ lies experience and proven solutions that are tailored to suit your individual needs and aspirations.


Our team works to gain a great understanding of your business idea. We investigate the how, what, who and why to use this knowledge in preparing you to create a business that is set to succeed.


We investigate ways to help get your business working for you and aimed toward achieving financial success with systems and processes that will not only reduce the workload and stress, but help you achieve goals previously seen to be achievable.


The Bentley Consulting team are well versed in business systems and procedures that new and existing businesses can benefit from. By advising businesses and working with them to put these processes in place we often see business owners enjoying more freedom; both financially and emotionally.


Understanding the impact of your decisions and strategy comes with our detailed analysis. Our team works to capture data, sort information and report on potential business progress with clear analysis for review.

Passionate about seeing business owners enjoy their successes, our clients come to us for:

Gaining a full understanding of your own business can help you gain full control of every aspect of your business and enable you to make educated decisions to help you continue to move in the right direction to achieve your goals.

Moving forward with confidence.

“By helping businesses gain a full understanding of the business structure and direction from the start we can often identify, address and overcome obstacles before they become an issue.

Bentley Consulting was created to help business owners at any stage of business ownership. Our aim is to help them reach the goal of financial freedom and success by ensuring we enabled them with the knowledge to improve, grow or maintain a company”

Roger Founder and Director - Bentley Consulting

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